Irina y Nikolay, wedding in San Sebastian

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Irina y Nikolay´s sea wedding was a ceremony of unit of sand in turquoise color.

The wedding was in the most beautiful city of Spain – San Sebastian. Little Paris is the second, not official name of Sanse. And it is saying many of this city. Festivals, museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres, sculptures… San Sebastián is, tastes and smells of culture. San Sebastián is marvellously green; it is surrounded by mountains and has several parks and gardens. Discover our mountains, parks and gardens and enjoy the most natural part of the city.

San Sebastián’s beaches are one of the greatest summer attractions. Each one has its own personality: the Concha, the best known, and Ondarreta, a family favourite, make up the Concha Bay. The Zurriola, largely taken to by youngsters and surf-lovers, and the little stretch of sand on Santa Clara Island.

Restaurant “Branka” is situated at the end of Ondarreta beach and it was the place of celebrating of the ceremony.

Irina and Nikolay have chosen a sand ceremony for the wedding. The sand unity ceremony uses  small vials of sand and small bowl to combine the sand. Each of the two vials of sand symbolizes the separate lives of the bride and groom and their families.  The combined sand makes a wonderful wedding keepsake for the bride and groom and a constant reminder of the day. The meaning of the Unity Sand Ceremony is the joining together of the wedding couple’s lives. They show this by pouring sand together into a vase. Very good custom and so romantic!


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