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Hello, my name is Igor, I am a professional photographer.fotografo de bodas
It makes me happy to capture your feelings through the camera drawing this way the story of your love..

Maybe I can write a lot about my work and photography in general, but as I am a photographer, my work will say more about me than I can describe. I invite you to make a small tour through the categories listed in the menu on this website, and if you like what I do, write me!I realize reports of weddings, baptisms, communions, portraits, modeling books, architecture and nature .. of everything that makes us feel the taste of life, the moments that accompany us in the aim most important – LIVE.







On the other hand I would like to introduce to you my partner in work and in the life, my wife Irina. If I am the head and hands of our family, she is the heart and soul. Irina will write to you my blog with romantic feminine touch, that I am short of.


Here is the page of your opinions: http://www.igormakou.com/opinions-2/?lang=en


It will be a pleasure to meet you!


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